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Make Pretend

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Start Here Films


Written and Directed by

D.J. Mendel



Salvatore Interlandi


Production Design

Cristina Nunes



D.J. Mendel



Original Music

Cynthia Hopkins



Margaret Rose Champagne

Lisa Hickman

Colleen Werthmann

D.J. Mendel

David Cote

Josh Stark

Fred Neumann

Alice Mendel


"There's a lot more strange behavior and delusion in the lives of these modest people in a small Poconos town. D.J. Mendel has made a film that mixes absurd humor and serious drama. It's an oddly original and often touching story about tenuous family connections and human loneliness."

- Joshua Tanzer, offoffreview


“A trio of women who have resigned themselves to fantasy after losing their passion for life find reality tearing away at their fragile facades in director, D.J. Mendel’s incisive comedy drama." - All Movie Guide

Stuck in a job with no room for advancement and resenting the loveless relationship she shares with her boyfriend, small town girl Baby decides that the only way to become a woman is to have a baby. Hoping to avoid the technicality of actually giving birth or caring for a living human being, Baby opts to care for a small plastic doll and makes believe that it is her child.


It’s not long before Baby"s former best friend Becky grows increasingly jealous after constantly vying for her attention and, taking a cue from her imaginative friend, Becky makes up a lover to confide. Also jealous is Baby's older sister Sissy, who decides to steal Baby's "child" in a bid to gain attention.


As the three women sink ever deeper into their delusions, they soon discover that the only way out may be to finally confront their troubles and take a chance at improving their situations.

Unconscious Motives
Miss America
Cloud of Unknowing
Girl From Monday
Book of Life
The New Math(s)

D.J. Mendel

Actor, Director, Writer

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