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REDCAT/ Los Angeles

Incubator Arts Project/ NYC


Written and Directed


Robert Cucuzza



Jillian Lauren

D.J. Mendel

Jenny Greer


Original Score by

Juli Crocket & Michael Feldman

"Mr. Mendel hurls himself into his role with an abandon that impresses."  - NY Times


"The production derives its lifeblood from D.J. Mendel's tour de force turn as the gritty blue-collar worker. Mendel's alarming physicality, exploding with rough, sudden moves, fleshes out the role with raw brilliance."  - Backstage


"Mendel is a deft physical comedian"  - LA Weekly

Unconscious Motives
Miss America
Cloud of Unknowing
Girl From Monday
Book of Life
The New Math(s)

D.J. Mendel

Actor, Director, Writer

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