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51 Films


Written and Directed by

Salvatore INterlandi



Dan Sharnoff


Production Design

Jason Noto



Salvatore Interlandi



Original Music

Matty Charles



D.J. Mendel

Dense Greber

Tim Donovan

Maria Buttazoni

Kourtney Rutherford

Britt Genelin



“It’s hard to take your eyes off Mendel’s ominous, ready to explode performance”  

 - NY Magazine


“Charlie is a Marlon Brando character in a John Cassavetes movie. The playwright and actor D. J. Mendel plays him with a touch of poetry.”  

 - NY Times


"In an angry, uneasy performance, D.J. Mendel owns this film.”

 - Village Voice

Unconscious Motives
Miss America
Cloud of Unknowing
Girl From Monday
Book of Life
The New Math(s)
Salvatore and D.J.

Salvatore and D.J.

Tim Donovan

Tim Donovan

Denise Greber

Denise Greber

Ewa Da Cruz

Ewa Da Cruz

DJ Mendel Denise Greber

DJ Mendel Denise Greber

D.J. Mendel

Actor, Director, Writer

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