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dj mendel, d.j. mendel, actor, director
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“It’s hard to take your eyes off Mendel’s ominous, ready to explode performance”  

 - NY Magazine


“Mendel's feverish performance smacks of the Tom Waits and Charles Bukowski personas, steeped in a Southern moonshine marinade.”  

 - NY Times


"The production derives its lifeblood from D.J. Mendel's tour de force turn as the gritty blue-collar worker. Mendel's alarming physicality, exploding with rough, sudden moves, fleshes out the role with raw brilliance."  

 - Backstage


"In an angry, uneasy performance, D.J. Mendel owns this film.”

 - Village Voice


"Mendel is a deft physical comedian" 

 - LA Weekly


"D.J. Mendel is an iconic actor and reliable presence in Richard Foreman’s work and countless other productions, he brings a kind of sinister, threatening, serpentine but thoughtful and complicated masculinity to all of his roles.”  

 - Culturebot

D.J. Mendel

Actor, Director, Writer

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